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The Northern Virginia Connection for Professional Paralegals

PANV is . . .

  • a member of the National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA) which provides PANV members automatic membership in NFPA.
  • PANV is also a member of the Virginia Alliance of Paralegal Associations (VAPA) and all PANV members are automatically members of VAPA.

PANV's Board of Directors: 

President: Anne Bunch, VARP

Vice President: Sabrae Bell, CRP, VARP

Treasurer: Anne Bunch, VARP

Secretary:  Troye Funkhouser

NFPA Primary Delegate/Director: Cindy Zema, VARP

VAPA Primary Delegate/Director:  Sabrae Bell, CRP, VARP

Director: Jacqueline Bulcher, CP, VARP

Director:  Kimberly LaFave, CP, VARP

Membership Chair:  Cindy Zema, VARP

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PANV welcomed new leadership at the Annual

Meeting held on June 7, 2023. Congratulations to the following newly elected officers and directors.  Click on their names to find out more about them:

President - Anne Bunch, VARP

Vice President - Sabrae Bell, CRP, VARP

Secretary - Troye Funkhouser

Director - Kimberly LaFave, CP, VARP

Director - Jacqueline Bulcher, CP, VARP

PANV is excited to see how each leader contributes to the continued success of the members and organization.

Continuing officers include:

Treasurer:  Anne Bunch, VARP

Membership Chair:  Cindy Zema, VARP

NFPA Primary Delegate and Director:  Cindy Zema, VARP

VAPA Primary Delegate: Sabrae Bell, CRP, VARP

VAPA Secondary Delegate:  Karen Axell, RP, VARP

PANV Co-Founder Receives NFPA Recognition

Congratulations to PANV's co-founder and immediate past-President, Kathi P. Ingram, RP, for receiving NFPA's 2021 Outstanding Local Leader award at the annual convention awards ceremony held earlier today. NFPA’s Outstanding Local Leader Award recognizes an individual NFPA member for their outstanding leadership contributions to the their local association and positive influence in the paralegal profession; their ability to motivate others to work toward establishing and carrying out professional goals; and recognition by the legal community as a committed professional dedicated to the advancement of the paralegal profession. Kathi is all of that and more. Wish we could have all been together to see your face when they called your name, but seeing you recognized in front of so many of your peers and good friends across the country, even if it was virtual, was so very special.

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