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The Northern Virginia Connection for Professional Paralegals

The Paralegal Association of Northern Virginia is also affiliated with The Virginia Alliance of Paralegal Associations which is a statewide association comprised of local paralegal associations that are also affiliated with either NFPA or NALA or not affiliated with any national association. VAPA also has Area Liaisons in those areas where there is interest but there is no actual association. 

In September 1994 VAPA adopted Educational Standards and Professional Responsibility Guidelines which were recommended by the Virginia State Bar Standing Committee on Unauthorized Practice of Law by Resolution.

On November 7, 2016 VAPA adopted a Policy on Paralegal Regulation by approving the Virginia Registered Paralegal Program (VARP™) program, a voluntary paralegal credentialing system. Additional information about the program, eligibility requirements and the application forms can be found under the VARP tab on VAPA's website. 

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